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Ellipse Energy helps businesses save money and reduce operating costs

Ellipse Energy helps businesses save money and reduce operating costs.

We work with a wide range of commercial and industrial organisations to help them reduce the cost of energy, meet carbon reduction (CRC), Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and Climate Change Agreement (CCA) objectives.

Energy consumption, cost and security of supply are all pressing issues that we can help you tackle now. Savings can be considerable and immediate, for example, installing LED lighting can bring a 50% – 70% energy saving immediately, as well as savings in maintenance cost and downtime.

We deliver a range of cost effective energy efficiency measures and services including LED lighting, biomass and solar PV.

Through our highly experienced team of energy experts, energy surveyors and qualified installers, we plan and implement energy saving measures requiring the minimum of resources from you, so you can concentrate on running your business. We will gather the right level of detail to make informed decisions and provide you with a comprehensive Business Case.

In addition to the energy efficiency improvements and cost savings you will benefit from, you will also:

  • contribute to meeting your Carbon Reduction Commitments and other Corporate Social Responsibility goals.
  • retain your own funds for other capital projects, if you choose our financed options.

We understand that your priority is to run a successful business and keep operating costs low, but the continued increase in energy costs is a major business operation issue. We can help you address this now, at low risk and with no upfront capital expenditure

Our four step process covers
  • An overview of energy performance.

    We review of your current and future energy profile, usage of gas, electricity and heat and benchmark the cost so you can see how you compare.

  • Site assessment & feasibility.

    We examine the way the premises function and how elements of its construction such as brickwork, insulation or windows affect its energy use. From this we identify suitable energy efficiency equipment and measures, such as LED lighting, biomass or solar PV and quantify costs, benefits and potential savings.

  • Financing options

    We explain the options for financing the implementation and prepare a Business Case summarising recommendations, costs, benefits, payback periods, tax savings on eligible equipment, timescales and Letter of Intent.

  • Implementation

    We assign a dedicated Project Manager to co-ordinate the installation of the energy saving equipment and monitor the performance and savings for you. We can also provide a ‘fit and forget’ managed service where we carry out all servicing and maintenance of the equipment.

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